High School Site Info

Registration & Postmark Deadline: January 12, 2024
Refund Deadline: February 12, 2024
Sight Reading and Rep Submission Deadline: March 8, 2024


Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Location: Fountain Inn High School
Address: 644 Quillen Ave, Fountain Inn, SC 29644


Date: Monday, March 25, 2024
Location: Ben Lippen School Monticello Road Campus
Address: 7401 Monticello Rd, Columbia, SC 29203


Date: Friday, March 22, 2024
Location: West Ashley High School
Address: 4060 W. Wildcat Blvd. Charleston, SC  29414

Information below will be updated soon…


The registration fee is $200.00 per choir.  No money will be refunded due to cancellation after February 10, 2023. Any cancellations must  be sent in writing/email to the Committee Chair dated no later than February 10, 2023, at 11:59  PM. Checks should be made payable to SCMEA Choral Division. Schools registering two or more choirs may submit 1 check for their school; however, checks (or any registration material) from middle schools will not be accepted by the high school choral festival committee and vice-versa.  Note: Late registrations and/or fees will not be accepted. 

Repertoire Requirements (including the warmup)

Repertoire must be quality choral literature  that is both festival appropriate and appropriate for each individual ensemble (voicing, genre of  ensemble, etc.), and all music should be memorized. Judges have the discretion to take choice  of repertoire into account for scoring using the performance rubric provided. Directors must cite  credible literature sources from which their repertoire was chosen. Acceptable sources may include  but are not limited to SC All-State Chorus Concert Repertoire, ACDA repertoire lists, High School  Honor Choral Clinic lists, graded literature lists, etc. Judges can take off points for choice of  repertoire if they feel that the music chosen does not fit the voices within the ensemble. Any  repertoire information that is not received by the deadline will result in the ensemble’s omission  from the program.

Sight-Reading Rules & Procedures

  1. Appropriate music will be available for each choir based on their stage performance  classifications (female, male, mixed). Please indicate your sight-reading preference on the  registration form so we may know how many copies to order for each classification. Choirs may  also opt to sight read down one classification if the program is new or in a growing state with a  new director (i.e. a 5A school with a new choir director or a new growing program may sight read  4A instead of 5A).
  2. Students may NOT be used for two ensembles in the same category (for example, if you have a  Chamber Choir that is your “Varsity” Mixed Choir, those students may not be used in another  ensemble that is a “Varsity” Mixed Choir. Your “second” group must be your “Non-Varsity” Mixed Choir and will sight read “Non-Varsity” music in the sight-reading room. Further, Varsity students may not sing in Non-Varsity groups.

Performance Site

Consequences of Rules Violations Levels of Notification 3. (a.) If the Choral Director continues to commit Rules Violations after #1 and #2 are issued,  either the students involved, or the Choral Director and the school choral program will be barred  from participation at all SCMEA Choral Division events for up to two consecutive years  contingent upon the severity of the violations. (b.) If the evidence of violations is the direct result  of the Choral Director’s repeated negligence to review and adhere to the guidelines, the Choral  Director (same or different school) and the choral program will be barred from participating in  all Choral Division events for a period up to two consecutive years contingent upon the severity  of the violations. The letters (a. and b.) will be mailed to the Choral Director, Principal, District  Music Consultant, and Choral Division President containing the documented history of rules  violations, dates, and quote the most recent standing rule(s) that were violated. Committee  members who teach in the same region of South Carolina will continue to serve as a mentor  during this period.


The following events do not offer refunds after fees are paid: All-State Chorus  Middle School Clinics Region Choir Solo & Ensemble Festival For these events, refunds will not  be processed for any reason unless the Choral Division leadership determines it is necessary to  cancel an event. The following events do offer refunds for group cancellation by specific  deadlines: Middle School Choral Performance Assessment; High School Choral Performance  Assessment. For these events, refunds will not be automatically processed. Directors must  request a refund by the published deadline. The refund request must be submitted in writing via  email to the event chairperson. Please note: online payment processing fees can never be  refunded.